Wonderfully Weird Weather

Just a minute or two ago I was moving some stuff around…as one does from time to time. I couldn’t help feeling that this time would be much better spent on the beach, or lazing around the pool. The sun is shining brightly, there’s a gentle breeze just taking the edge off. The sound of birds chirping in the trees and foghorns…wait, what?

Yup. From my house I can hear ships foghorns booming from the ocean. Seem strange to you? It did to me too, so I walked over to my balcony to investigate. My balcony, because from there I can see the the whole of Baakens Valley onto the harbour.

Today I can see the base of the valley clearly. There’s a Land Rover parked at the very bottom, and I can easily read the tiny signage on the side. Then I glanced over at the harbour and spotted a giant container ship. Visibility is so good to the ship, a good 2 or 3km as the crow flies, that I can see the lines on the cranes hauling cargo off.

…But I cannot see the harbour wall 500m after the ship! The fog is so dense off shore that visibility is probably around 150 to 200m.

I took a photo, because I thought it was cool.

Check it out:

Ship in the harbour
oh fog!

Ship in the harbour
oh fog! ...but closer.

Update: The weird fog has lifted, giving me a chance to take a reference photo.

This is what the view normally looks like 😉

look! there's a wall there :)
Oh Fog! ...wait, it's gone.

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