It’s Ironman in Port Elizabeth this weekend. We’re excited!

Sure, there will be road closures and a million extra people milling around making it difficult to get around the city, but these are a small price to pay for the full accommodation venues and bustling restaurants.
On Saturday I get to do one leg of one tenth of the full IronMan. My company is entering teams into the Corporate Challenge. It’s only a 380m swim, 18km cycle and 4,2km run, and it’s mostly done in teams of three. That sounds like a really pansy challenge when you compare it to the IronMan, but for a few people it’s great. I count myself in that group. The IronMan is unattainable for the lay man. To compete at that level you have to train for ages. Getting up early, giving up family time, eating to a very strict nutritional plan and shedding much liquid from your person, be it sweat or blood or tears. For a normal person, a 42km run is just silly, but a 4,2km run is doable. 180km cycle? Just no. But an 18km cycle is ok. It’s something that you can actually aim for if you’re a beginner. That’s why it’s so great.

I was a little nervous about having to cycle 18km when I signed up. At the time I was cycling 5km every now-and-then. Tripling my semi-regular ride seemed terrible, but last night I did it as my last training ride. I was going to just do ten, or maybe fifteen. When Endomondo told me that I’d done 11km I still felt strong, so I carried on going. In the end I did 18km and felt almost no ill effects. Other than a bit of pain in the rectal area…

Now I’m looking forward to it. The atmosphere, the crowds, the camaraderie. It’s all very exciting.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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