Feel Like I’ve Been Hit By A Car.


Last night on my cycle home I was hit by a car.

It sounds more dramatic than it actually was. The guy was in a driveway waiting to enrer the flow of traffic. There was a good 2 metres of gap between him and the road and he was stationary, so I kept going. Unfortunately he rolled a little but forward at just the wrong time. He couldn’t merge, because there were still cars coming. He was just edging forward. The problem was that he was concentrating on the approaching traffic and not looking forward.
Cue short duration solo flight of cyclist.
While in the air I managed to rotate my body enough for my shoulder to take the main impact, my head hitting the pavement was the second contact. Followed by knees. If I didn’t have a 30kg laptop bag on my back I’d probably have landed better and rolled away.

The driver was awesome. He immediately got out and apologised and made sure I was ok, before checking his own vehicle. He even took my name and number, and then called me later in the evening to find out if I was OK. Thank you for that Stanton. Faith in humanity restored.

On the whole I’m fine. My head, shoulder and right index finger hurt, but I’ll mend.

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