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Wonderfully Weird Weather

Just a minute or two ago I was moving some stuff around…as one does from time to time. I couldn’t help feeling that this time would be much better spent on the beach, or lazing around the pool. The sun is shining brightly, there’s a gentle breeze just taking the edge off. The sound of birds chirping in the trees and foghorns…wait, what? Continue reading “Wonderfully Weird Weather”

And So Begins 2011…

What fireworks SHOULD look like :-)

After one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, I have to say that 2011 has started with a bang. Well multiple bangs actually.
It’s only the tenth and I’ve already had a roller coaster year. Complete with facepalms, giggles, jaw drops and hearty laughter.

There are many scary, but exciting prospects for this year. I’m quite sure that as long as I take it day-by-day and don’t get to carried away it could be a ripper!!

PS. I opened my year with a surf on J’Bay’s main beach *thumbs up*


OK, so this is the first time I’ve blogged. I know, I know…”but you’re an IT guy!!” Well, I’ve always been the one making the IT stuff work. I make it so that OTHER people can blog. Anyway, I’m here now, so let’s do this.

This is my first post with any actual content in it. I feel really good about it. Something new, something different…well, for me anyway. It’s really cool to be a newbie at something. I’m so used to being good at or knowledgeable about the things that I do. People always ask me for advice, and I love it. I feel all important and stuff, but now – for a change, I can ask other people how to do stuff. It’s liberating. There’s no pressure to know everything. For now that is… I’m pretty sure I’ll be expected to be an expert by sundown.

That’s  dusk’s problem though. While the sun shines today I am a n00b and proud of it.