Chingada’s Mexican Cantina

I had the pleasure of eating at Chingada’s in Walmer recently.


When life gives you worms…or something like that.

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What a terrific experience.

It was lunch time, so the restaurant wasn’t full and the service was excellent. Our waitress was attentive without being annoying.

The menu is surprisingly varied. I say surprising because of my limited knowledge of Mexican food. Apparently,¬†there’s a bunch of Mexican foods that you don’t see in movies or at the Spur. We started with some mind blowing, yet somehow not mouth blowing, slammers and dip, before venturing into the world of tortas and enchiladas. Their food tastes like it’s made on site with fresh ingredients. I don’t know if it is, but it just tastes that way. Every single thing I tasted was superb. As was the authentic, worm¬†laden Mezcal.

The vibe, the food, the conversation. Top marks to the team at Chingada’s. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone.

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