World Of Tanks

I’ve recently discovered World of Tanks. This may not be a good thing…

Ghost tanks for Halloween!
Ghost tanks for Halloween!


A long while ago I was browsing my PlayStation 4 looking for a new game to play. I’d just finished Unchartered 3 and was at a loss. There were some decent looking games in the online store, one of which was World of Tanks, so I downloaded few. Naturally, downloads take a while so  I couldn’t play immediately. The way things work for Geminis with ADHD is that if it’s not in front of you at this very moment it pretty much gets relegated to the back of the queue of things to do. That’s exactly what happened to all those downloaded games. I didn’t look at them again for a month or two.

Then last weekend I managed to get some PlayStation time. Quick clarification, the one TV in the family room is shared between a 15-year-old, a 13-year-old, an 8-year-old, and me. My time is scarce. Anyway. I got some game time so I browsed through the games that I’d downloaded the previous time. World of Tanks was the one I chose to play. It is awesome…and also, not awesome.

The game is set in World War II and you are a tank commander. The primary objective of the game is to battle your tank in a randomly generated team, against another team of randomly generated players. It’s fun. I’ve noticed that the  best servers to play on are the North American East Coast servers. The southerners are more chatty and actually try to play as a team and coordinate attack and defence strategies. Plus, that accent is kinda fun to listen to. The European servers are much quieter. In fact, the one time there was some chatter on the line, it was a bunch of eastern bloc teenagers and an Irishman shouted at them to shut up. It’s a bit dull. The secondary objective is to build up your tank. Every country that had tanks in the war is represented and you’re given the base model tank from each of them to begin the game. As you earn experience and credit, you use it to upgrade your tank. I’m really terrible at games so I earn very little. This makes upgrading take a bit longer. So far I’ve only upgraded my German, American, and British tanks. I did start the French tank, but three at a time seemed like enough so I chose to rather concentrate on those. It’s actually a pretty cool game overall, and I always look forward to my next session.

The small problem is that I’ve since discovered that it’s also available for PC. Mobile too but I haven’t gone that route yet. The only problem is that the PC game and PS4 game are independent. So you can’t use tanks you’ve built up on the PS4 in the PC game. They essentially two separate games. Not the end of the world, but it would be rad if there was continuity from one platform to the other.

So far I’ve only played away one whole day, and the rest have been bite sized chunks. Hopefully I can keep it that way.


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