On Learning New Things

Are you comfortable?

Are you comfortable being comfortable?

I’m not.

Attention required
Attention required


Not anymore.

There was a time when I was comfortable, and it seems like it should be good. Equilibrium. That seems good.

The problem is that if you’re comfortable, then you’re probably stagnating. Which is fine if that’s what you want. If you’ve lived a full life and are now just coasting. Then great. You don’t need any more stimulation.


I’m not in my twilight, though. I need stimulation. I need new things.


Thankfully we live in a very dynamic age. We have the internet.

There are so many resources available to further your knowledge in pretty much any field.


If you’re looking for something really informal, like how to repair the power button on your 6th generation iPod Nano, then YouTube is your friend. You can fix nearly anything in and around your house by watching YouTube videos. Chances are someone else has also needed to fix that thing before you.

You can even learn to play an instrument, or speak a language.Β Check out http://www.learnxhosa.co.za if you want to learn isiXhosa. The actual lessons are hosted on YouTube.


There are also more formal learning platforms. Platforms that are linked to actual brick and mortar schools and universities, and in some cases the universities themselves.

Here are some that you can use:


These are all free. FREE!

If you don’t mind paying a little there are so many more options, like http://shawacademy.com .


This excites me. So much so that I’m currently studying wed development. Just for kicks.

…because I’m weird.





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