Slightly Addicted

We all have weird little addictions, right?

My latest addiction is buying odd things from China. Actually, I really shouldn’t call it an addiction. Addiction is a very serious matter, and people have ruined their lives by letting their addictions get away from them.
Let’s call it my current fascination.

Heart shaped bean
Heart shape printed on a heart-shaped bean

About a month ago, because that’s how long the free delivery takes, I bought a love bean. Not the love bean you’re thinking of… An actual bean with the word love printed on it. I don’t know why I bought it. It just seemed like something fun.


Heart shaped Love bean
Love printed on a bean

The advert says that because the word Love is engraved into the bean, it’ll be imprinted on the plant later.
I doubt that’ll happen, but I’ve planted it anyway.


It started swelling immediately and on the morning of day two, it was about 75% bigger than when I got it in the mail. It hasn’t broken out yet, but I’m feeling optimistic about it. If it has the word ‘Love’ imprinted on the leaves I may actually¬†faint!

Let’s see how this turns out. I’m super curious.

Love bean in a pot
A love bean planted and watered.

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