June 17, 2021

Someone recently told me that I should be journaling. Since no one reads blogs anymore, I figured that here would be a cool place to do just that. If you are reading this, why? How did you get here? It’s not a problem. You’re just a bit of a weirdo. Roll with it.

The farmers in this area said that this was going to be a good winter. A good winter is a cold winter. Apparently when it snows properly the ground freezes and cracks. So when the snow melts, it soaks deep into the ground. That sounds good to me. But this winter has been disappointing do far. Our pipes and dog water bowl have only frozen once this year. And it’s already mid June. *shrug* Maybe it’s going to hit us late. Maybe it’ll get super cold in August. Maybe humans have just ruined the world and global warming has messed up the traditional ways of predicting weather patterns. I’m holding thumbs.

Anyway, I’m going to stop here. This is more or less a test post. I’ll come back tomorrow and see if it’s all worked out the way it should.


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