June 18, 2021

It’s my aunt’s birthday today. Happy birthday Princess Butterfly.

Closer to home, I’m frustrated. The electricity was off for 22 hours. Again. Granted, the last time the electricity was off for 7 days. But in that case theives had stolen a section of cable. And the local electricians don’t have stock of that really thick cable. This time the road construction comapny damaged a cable and it caused a short circuit. A pretty serious short circuit though. It melted the 150A breaker. The electricians had to replace the whole thing. Twice.

Otherwise, I think I’m doing a bit better today. I’ve had a bit a a rough patch, emotionally. I’m not smart enough to tell you why. But Nadine told me that I’m being a dick. And apparently it’s been months. It sucks that I have slipped into dick mode without noticing. You’d think that you can tell. I couldn’t.

Anyway, I’ve started eating a little better. Well, except today. I’m having a bad food day. But in general I’m eating better. And I’ve started weighing myself every morning and working out once a day. Not hectic workouts. Just a 7 minute HIIT session. But it’s better than the nothing that I’ve been doing up to now. I’m also trying to walk more. Gotta get those 10000 steps in. I’m not. But I’m doing better. I made 12000 on Wednesday! That includes playing a tennis tournament though. So not a normal day. haha.

On the plus side, I won a tennis tounament this week. Yay, me!

OK, I’m done.

Au revoir.

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