June 21, 2021

oof…I skipped the weekend. I wonder if that going to become a thing. We’ll see, I guess.

I had a lazy weekend. Very little activity. Zero actual planned exercise. I even missed tennis on Saturday. And I did eat well either. One meal was entirely roasted potatoes. Oh well. Best just get back on the wagon then…

I tried to sleep in Nadine’s bed. It didn’t go well. She has five layers of blankets. No hyperbole. I mean literally 5. Duvet, two crocheted blankets, a quilt, and then a fleece blanket. It sounds warm and cosy, but in practice, it’s a nightmare. They are super heavy to begin with, but in the middle of the night they tend to ball up in the middle. So you’re cold. But you can’t just yank and blankie back onto you. You first have to undo a 100kg knot of material. Then the dogs are constantly trying to get onto the bed. So you have to shove them off. Nadine just lets them stay on the bed. But I can’t. They are too irritating. They’re either scratching themselves, licking their butts, or pinning you down in uncomfortable positions. Add to this the hard mattress. I don’t have enough pillows for a hard mattress. My problem is that I have broad shoulders. So if the mattress is hard then my head is quite high. My mattress is soft so I sink into it. And the gap between my head and the mattress is easily filled with pillows. But when I’m on Nadine’s hard mattress my neck is at a constant angle. As a result, my back and neck ache.

This morning my butt joined in. But I’ve done some yoga (read that as yoga-adjacent stretching) and worked out. I feel much better physically. And my mood is immediately improved.

I’ve had my breakfast. Made my bed. And gotten my day started. I think it’ll be a good day.

Although, the road construction company has just hit a water pipe. Again. So we have no water. I have to go turn on the water pump so we can use tank water to wash our laundry.

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