June 28, 2021

We’re in Lockdown level 4. Good times.

Honestly, it makes very little difference to me, personally. I don’t play tennis or go to church. Otherwise, lockdown level 4 is basically just my life.

I have a beer every now and then. But so infrequently that I probably wouldn’t have had one before the lockdown ends anyway.

It *is* a huge problem for other people though. The entertainment and hospitality industries will be hit again. And one of my friends owns a gym. He’s screwed. His income stops. But his financial commitments don’t. He still has to pay rent, staff, and utilities. Good luck, bud. I feel for you.


What is sombre for me is this town. It was all sunshine and roses in the beginning. Figuratively, obviously. It’s super cold here. But lately, it’s all going to the dogs. Literally. There are actual packs of street dogs that roam around town. But it’s more than that. The electricity thing is out of hand. We now have — The electricity literally failed for three hours at this point!

Anyway, we now have local, Molteno, load shedding. There are three time slots and 4 zones. So every day a zone goes off from 06:00 to 09:00, then a different zone gets 09:00 to 12:00, and then the final zone goes off at 18:00. And that’s only the planned time. Every single day there is a failure. other than the load shedding. It’s tiresome.

The big problem is that the batteries have been stolen from the MTN tower. So the moment the power fails so does the cellular network. This shouldn’t be a problem for me because I have a generator. and my wifi has a UPS. So I’m still connected. But it *is* a problem because I access my corporate network through a dedicated APN on the MTN network. So when MTN fails I cannot work. That is a huge problem!


Another problem is the crime. When we lived in Port Elizabeth, we lived in Central. There was a derelict house within literally 5 metres of our bedroom window. A derelict house that, for a time, was used as an actual drug den. In the ten years that we lived there, we were robbed three times. Our neighbours, once. And the next house over, once. We have lived in Molteno for about two and a half years, and we’ve already been robbed three times. Our neighbour over the street has been robbed twice. And the neighbour that we share a fence with has been robbed twice. One of which was at gunpoint. I genuinely felt safer living in Central, Port Elizabeth than in a quint Karoo town. Everyone here seems to own a firearm. And I understand it.


The shine is gone. Were it not for our current circumstances, I would’ve already spoken to Nadine about moving back. But moving back isn’t a reality for us. So it’s not worth even bringing up.


Today was not a good day. I feel down.


Sawasdee krap

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