The Kite Runner – Review

I had the opportunity to sit down and read The Kite Runner – start to finish. That’s a rare thing for me. I don’t get chances like this often.

You see I’m a father and a husband. The head of a family. A family that I love and cherish. Which is possibly why I felt so strongly about this book.

The Kite RunnerIt’s a wonderfully written story about Amir, a boy growing up in Afghanistan.

The story follows Amir as he grows up a rich boy in a fruitful land. Forever vying for his father’s attention, and failing. Things go wrong when the country is plunged into chaos by a coup d’etat that changes the governmental system.

When Amir made his biggest mistake (vague to prevent becoming a spoiler), I very nearly went out and built a life-size sand castle in his image, just so I could beat the crap out of it. I was incensed. But I made myself carry on reading. Or rather Khaled Hosseini made me carry on reading. His writing is amazing.

The only time that I didn’t feel absolutely enthralled was near the end. The wind down took a little longer than I’d like. A minor nuance.  🙂

I strongly recommend The Kite Runner to anyone. Anyone can read it, and will love it.

It’s  a beautiful story, beautifully written by a master author.

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