Land Rover: Part 1

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I have taken my one step. It’s tiny, but I’ve taken it.

OK, I can see how checking the fuses can hardly be counted as the first step in the restoration process, but the thing is; I am doing SOMETHING. Sure, I can’t replace the diff right now. It’s too expensive. And I can’t afford a new firewall. But I can afford a few fuses. The problem I’ve had up to now is that the job of restoring this beautiful beast of burden is a daunting one. It’s going to take many man hours and copious amounts of my hard-earned money to do. So I’ve just sat and stared at my noble steed in her ramshackle state and said, “ag, it’s just too much, I can’t do it.” Bollocks! I’ve changed the fuses now. It has begun. This elephant is going to take ages to eat, but I’ve taken the first bite, and I’ll keep on chewing.

So here’s what I did:

Fuse box is circled in yellow

The main fuse box is located in the engine bay, mounted on the firewall.

Fuse Box   On closer inspection, you’ll notice that the little fuse box is secured by a finger screw. It really is quite easy to get to.

Once open, the fuses are very exposed, so it’s ridiculously easy to see if any need changing.  Exposed Fuses

None did in this case.

Since none of the fuses in the engine bay were blown, I needed to check the fuse in the cabin. This is a little more difficult than the main fuse box. Not difficult at all, but not as easy at a finger screw right at chest height. 😉

The ignition fuse is attached to the ignition switch. To get to the ignition switch you have to remove the entire dashboard.

This is it. This is the entire dashboard. 😀


Once you have taken out the 3 screws and 2 bolts, the dashboard simply flips out.

These two photos show the old broken fuse and the new 20A replacement:

The old, broken fuse        The shiny, new fuse

Now since the old fuse didn’t look broken to the naked eye, I took a photo to show how the end cap had detached:

The fuse that didn't LOOK broken, but was.

To finish up day one, I move the Land Rover to her new parking space and wrapped her up snugly in case we have some more bad weather.

'Til next time

‘Til next my old friend…

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