Bird Man

I have never had a bird. I’ve had dogs and cats, I’ve had mice and hamsters and fish. Never birds. Until now…

This week I got my first budgie. I say “my” like that little thing belongs to me, but it really doesn’t. Sunshine is for everyone in the family to love and adore. She’s completely yellow, except for tiny white patches on her cheeks. No other markings at all, just some ruffled ill-fitting feathers. She’s gorgeous!Facing the front It’s just really exciting for me, because I have to learn how to care for her. Again, I really don’t HAVE to, because Nadine already knows about keeping birds. It’s not like we’re going to starve her or anything. My needing to know to correctly care for birds is very much a me thing. I *want* to know.

The bug got its first nibble when we visited Birds of Eden near Plettenberg bay. The sanctuary is amazing. On approach you first notice the giant netting structure. It’s akin to something out of a science fiction movie. Granted, when we approached there was heavy cloud cover and the day was a little apocalyptic anyway. Once inside the tent (I’m not sure if ‘tent’ is the correct word for it, but it works for me) you are submerged in a rainforest. From the moment you enter through the awkwardly loud plastic chain, you are met by fantastical birds in all shapes and sizes. The most prolific are the parrots and loeries, but there are loads of others. While there I came into contact with (sshhh! don’t tell the rangers) a stunning little yellow, grey and green parrot; who followed us a little bit. Our secret friendWhen we stopped to check him out, he came right up to us and let us stroke his head and back. There were others who actually landed on me, but this little one made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Enter bug!

The final nail in the proverbial coffin was when the momma went away for the weekend and left her bird at our house. Every morning I walk through to have my morning cup of tea and watch the sun rise over the valley. The experience is just fuller with the sound of a bird chirping. That was it. It was only a matter of time…

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