Hearing Loss….tech Support Style!

AC Power is a contentious in South Africa. We’re affected by load shedding and power outages relatively often.
This is mainly because those in the driving seat allocate funds to more important things like million Rand chauffeur driven cars and multi million Rand housing compounds, rather than trivial details like routine maintenance of equipment.
However, when you run a business, particularly the type I’m in, customers don’t want to hear about how there’s no power. Which is actually pretty fair. They pay a fee every month and expect a service in return.
Enter the generator.
To keep us powered in the dark times we run a 150 kVa generator, powered by a massive Volvo diesel engine.
When the municipal power supply fails, the generator automatically kick starts.
It never fails.
Why doesn’t it ever fail?
Because we test it every week.

…Unfortunately, testing the generator every week is causing me to not be able to hear my wife and children talk to me anymore.  *sigh*

Turn your volume up and play the clip. I dare you.


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