The Joys Of PS/2 <-- The Archaic Connector, Not The Console...

For todays little bit of tech support fun…PS/2!

So I had a PC drop off the domain (NTP syncing issues, but that’s a story for another day).
It’s an older PC, and as such, a little slower.

I’ll just paint you a little picture.

I’m in an office with two desks. There’s a perfectly functioning laptop on one desk, with two users hovering over it.
The second desk has three PC’s piled up next to it. I’m at that one obviously.
The supervisor in this scenario is quite a cautious fellow, and has unplugged the PC from the wall. So my call out starts with plugging in the PC.
No problem. I got this.
PC powers up. No visuals.
Turn on monitor. Still got this.
Keyboard works, press CTRL + ALT + DEL, attempt log on. Fails.
OK, this is all normal, I realise what the problem is and just log on with the local admin account.
hmmm…no mouse. No problem, I’m quite tech savvy, I just use the keyboard to navigate and go about my business.
At some point the supervisor strolls in to check on my progress. He astutely notices that I’m not using the mouse.
*traces the mouse cable* “This mouse isn’t plugged in.”
Me, “it’s ok, I’ll just use the keyboard”
It was at this point when the supervisor starts blasting one of the people at the other desk about how he was told not to use certain stuff and so on and so on.
I tuned out, because I only have a few minutes left to finish what I’m doing and then I can get the heck out of there. Also, I work in a very militarian workplace, and you don’t really question someone of your own rank in front of lower ranking staff. It’s lame, we’re not the actual military, but it’s still how it works.
Anyway, the blasting ends and the supervisor leaves.
I carry on my business of joining the PC to the domain.
While I’m quietly typing away, the recipient of the blasting comes over and places a mouse on the desk. Next to the not-plugged-in one. I’m still in tuned-out mode, so I hardly notice.
Then without saying a word, he leans over and plugs in the PS/2 mouse…just as I press Enter to join the domain…

PC freezes.

I stand up. Say no words. Exit the office, and go have a nice relaxing poo.

PS. PS/2 connectors do not work like USB connectors. USB connectors you and put and take out willy nilly. PS/2 connectors have to be initialised in the BIOS, so you have to shutdown the PC, plug them in, and then start up again. There is a good reason why we don’t use them anymore.

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