Tech Review: Linksys RE1000

This week my wireless network needed to be extended, so I bought a Linksys RE 1000.

Wireless range extender
Wireless range extender

My first impression when opening the box was, “hmmm, pretty.” It’s a neat little device that plugs only into your wall socket. Nothing else.
There are, of course, other options. You can remove the plug connector and use the supplied C8 style cable to power the device. Also there is a CAT5 cable in the box in case you need to connect to the device to manually configure it.

You really don’t need them though. To set it up, you just plug it into a wall socket in range of the existing WLAN. Then insert the CD that came with it.
It’ll run a wizard that literally took me 2 minutes. Once configured, you just plug it in where the signal is still strong enough.

It’s THAT easy.

The connection speed is fantastic and I haven’t had it drop any connections yet.

On the whole, it’s a great device.
I love it.

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