Thank You, Telkom.

Now there’s a phrase I didn’t expect to utter.

Most things mobile these days are data driven. We’re all connected. Socially. In business. Even our games. The South African mobile operators seem to have completely missed this observation. Up to now all the mobile phone contracts, and pre-paid offerings, have been voice centred, with some data tacked on the back. Finally, Telkom Mobile, of all networks, have changed the game.

Telkom’s FreeMe is very much data centred. You buy the data, and then tack on whatever you may need afterwards. It’s great.

Ah…I hear you asking, “but what about their terrible service?” Well, I am happy to report that I ported my number into the Telkom Mobile network last week. The staff at the little franchise Telkom store at The Bridge were polite and helpful. The lady who helped me was very efficient, and the whole process was handled quickly and professionally. This despite the store being extremely busy because of another promotion that was running at the same time.

OK, so it hasn’t been long enough for me to have formulated an actual opinion about the network coverage or speed yet, but the initial meeting was a positive one.

I think my take away from this experience is this: Don’t wholly judge a company, or person for that matter, based on the opinions of others. Heed theirĀ advice, but experience things for yourself. Formulate your own opinion.

For now I am completely happy with Telkom and their service.

Until next time.



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