The Camp Bed Experiment

We’re going camping, but we’re trying to do it without buying any new stuff. Last night I experimented with a bed configuration.
My theory is that we’ll sleep in a sleeping bag, on a 10mm foam mat that’s covered with a thick heavy blanket folded to four times its normal thickness. Simple.

I’ll start at the bottom. The 10mm foam. It’s basically the buffer between the bottom of the tent and your bedding. I slept on the hard wooden floor of my bedroom and it was HARD. In fairness, while camping we’ll be sleeping on the grass. Softer and squishier than a hardwood floor. The thing is, 10mm foam conforms to the surface that it’s placed on, so if the grass is lumpy, so is the bed. There is no leeway. It’ll do in the absence of anything else, but I’ll have to scratch around for a better base.

The thick, heavy blanket is not as soft as I expected. The floor was still hard. Really hard. I didn’t mind the hard floor too much, but I have a log-like male physique. I expect that Nadine’s beautiful curvy hips will take a pounding on the hardness. I’m going to have to find alternate bedding.

When you’re six foot one – 100kg a sleeping bag feels a lot like a straight jacket. If I lay on my back, the expansion and contraction of my chest made my arms flap. It’s a weird feeling. Thankfully I don’t spend much time on my back, and lying on my side seems fine. I just needed to add a pillow to cover the gap created by my shoulder. Considering that I was already using two pillows stuffed into the bursting seams of my pillow case, that’s a big space to fill. Also, our sleeping bags are hollow fibre. It’s a great idea because it’s light-weight and warm. Unless your bag is used frequently by a Scouting teenager. The regular use, the constant rolling and unrolling, and, I expect, some kung fu fights with neighbouring tents have left the hollow fibres clumped, and one or two seams ripped. Basically, it wasn’t warm. Definitely not capable of being “comfortable to 6 degrees Celcius”. Halfway through the night, I had to pull on an extra blanket. Look at me all prepared and stuff. Anyway…the sleeping bag is a bust. Alternate arrangements will have to be made.

I’m going to go ahead and score this bed configuration at half out of three. The foam mat will work in a pinch, but the rest must be changed.

Remember that there is no such thing as a failed experiment. Unless you cock up the parameters, but then you really shouldn’t be experimenting in the first place. An experiment only proves or disproves a theory. The camp bed experiment disproved my theory that sleeping in a sleeping bag on top of a foam mat covered in a heavy blanket will work as a bed. It won’t.

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